Our team of contract and casual staff are well versed in the ever changing requirements of the WA construction industry. Green cards, safety inductions, toolbox meetings, industrial relations and construction site award related issues. Industry experienced staff is the key to productivity for mining operations which engage casual and contract staff which is precisely what Benchmark Recruitment deliver, day in, day out.

Our screening process included professional interview techniques, reference checking, aptitude testing and personality profiling (where necessary), all of which can be tailored when Benchmark are engaged as your recruitment consultants.

At Benchmark Recruitment we believe that the strong Construction sector means a strong Australian economy. With large capital expenditure at risk it is important to construct, commission and hand over on budget and in a timely manner.

To achieve this, it is important for all Construction and contracting companies to adopt the worlds best work practices and locate a team of professional and trades personnel who are dedicated to the success of the project in hand. For many years the construction industry leaders have utilised the services of specialised service providers in their business to allow them to focus on their core business, Construction!

Whilst recruiting personnel is not a difficult process, it is important to note that locating experienced, safety conscientious industry professionals can be time consuming and an expensive exercise, especially when the process may have to be repeated within months of the initial placement. Benchmark Recruitment offer quality people solutions, which are paid for on a result basis only, for the recruitment of permanent staff. With more than 30 years in-house recruitment experience within Australia, few companies can match the level of service offered by our team.

Matching client needs often comes down to understanding the construction environment, role and company culture that exists in each organisation, ultimately delivering a perfect match. Safety, being a priority of Benchmark Recruitment, requires industry knowledge and systems to back up the team in the filed as we work closely with our clients, ensuring integration of systems and synergy in the workforce (on site).