Benchmark Training has been established by a highly experienced team of Incident and Emergency Response Professionals focussed on delivering complete safety critical training solutions to client companies throughout the region.

Our training facilities have the capacity to facilitate simultaneous onshore and offshore simulations at the one location without any impact on Client operations. A new computer based simulator, designed using Wonderware software, will be available to all clients with Benchmark Training having the capacity to replicate individual client’s offshore operating systems used to monitor platform operations. A generic platform simulation is also available.

Since the commitment to South East Asia by the Benchmark Training management team, several contracts have sought and won throughout the Asia Pacific region.

While Benchmark Training is fully committed to the up-skilling of local instructors, the ability to utilise the services of both instructors and assessors from long established production fields such as the NW Shelf in Australia and the North Sea is indeed a benefit to the company and clients. Additionally, Benchmark Training has acquired the services of experienced instructors located in Australia and throughout the region on a full-time basis. All instructors and assessors have a background in Oil and Gas and associated industries with specific experience in Emergency Response, Management and Safety Critical Operations.

Using process simulation software and scenarios developed specifically for clients from Emergency Response Plans, Risk Assessments or the personal experiences of senior members of staff, allows a dramatic increase to the reality of information provided to the course attendees and assists with the assessment of relevant competencies.

This computer based simulator is fully portable and can be set up at the clients’ own offices or other suitable locations in country. This portability allows clients to enjoy the same level of training and equipment that they would expect at one of Benchmark Training’s fixed facilities, without the cost and logistical difficulty of mobilising large numbers of personnel.

Many clients have actually found that this type of in-country training allows them the flexibility to begin to develop their personnel at an earlier stage contributing to a sound succession plan.